Reaching the federal executive suite is a challenge.
FCW is your gateway to the federal executives involved in the IT buying process.

The business environment that these executives encounter is complex, and revolves around four core business issues: politics, operations, economics, and technology.
What does this mean for the federal executive? In order to effectively run an agency, department or program, this business manager must be building relationships with the right people, staying apprised of current policies, determining what funding is available, and driving efficiencies – all under severe budget constraints.
It comes down to power, people and policy: the power to make things happen in the federal government, the people who can help you get there, and the policies that can support or subvert.

Editorial Coverage

FCW’s content coverage provides federal technology executives with the information, ideas, and strategies necessary to successfully navigate the complex world of federal business. And FCW accomplishes this by delivering strategic features on business management, policy, pending legislation, technology, and profiles of the power players making waves in the federal executive sector. The federal technology market comes to life with photos, profiles and insider insight. If it’s worth knowing, it’s in FCW.
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By providing the FCW audience with the “who” and “what” they need to know to get things done, FCW delivers access to a powerful, hard to reach audience that controls the $121 billion in federal technology purchasing.
Over 78% of FCW print subscribers buy, evaluate, specify and recommend IT products and services
(Source: December 2011 BPA). FCW is also ranked as the #1 federal publication
read by purchasers of cybersecurity, computer systems/hardware, IT security, software, cloud computing and telecommunications.
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