GCN has a wide portfolio of branding programs which you can leverage to increase your visibility in the Public Sector IT market.  Build a comprehensive branding campaign to give voice to your organization’s products/services. Discuss GCN branding programs with our media consultants today!

GCN Print Advertising

Make sure your brand is familiar to Public Sector IT Managers.  By running print ads in our award-winning publication, you will create impact and improve your brand awareness in this market.  Through 3rd party research, we study ad performance and can give you insightful feedback on your creative.

GCN Print Inserts/Outserts

Reach our 100,000 subscribers with an attention-grabbing run-of-book print insert/outsert.  Choose from a variety of formats – a “Mock” cover; a heavy stock insert; a polybagged catalogue/brochure. All these options drive reader interaction and deliver your message effectively.

GCN ROS Banners

Use GCN run-of-site banners to catch the eye of the Public Sector IT audience that visits  Build brand awareness and engage your target audience through our creative format options.

Agency Contract Guides

Now more then ever it is critical for vendors holding or competing for contract awards to differentiate products, services and solutions to decision-makers and to ensure that the acquisition staff is aware of their contract affiliation, proven leadership and offerings.

Our publications are often selected as strategic partners to run contract guides. It represents a perfect opportunity to access the highest number of federal government leaders, executives and policy decision-makers who drive their agency initiatives.

GCN Newsletters

IT managers across public sector IT rely on GCN newsletters for the technology assessments, recommendations and case study analysis which enable a deeper knowledge of the public sector technology landscape. Immerse your brand in a content-rich medium that’s delivered right to the inbox of government & education IT professionals.

5 newsletters are available for sponsorship:


Distribution: Daily  Circulation: 70,000
GCN TECH delivers technology trends, technical tips and product reviews making it the most complete digest for Public Sector IT Managers.  It represents a great opportunity for a broad reach efficiency buy.

Circ: DoD 25.7%| Federal Civilian 39.9%| State & Local 34.4%

GCN Cloud & Virtualization

Distribution: Weekly  Circulation: 25,000
Covering the latest developments in cloud computing adoption, virtualization and data center consolidation across the Public Sector, this newsletter is a popular read for Public Sector IT Managers who need to stay informed.  By sponsoring this newsletter, it shows commitment in resolving common challenges faced by Federal, State & Local IT teams.

Circ: DoD 29.8%| Federal Civilian 49.1%| State & Local 21.1%

GCN Security

Distribution: Monthly  Circulation: 25,000
By sponsoring this newsletter, you are representing your organization as a partner in the war on cyber threats to the Public Sector.  Featuring reports on current and potential threats to government systems plus insights on the technologies that protect critical infrastructure and data, don’t miss this sponsorship opportunity to raise awareness of your brand in this field

Circ: DoD 29.8%| Federal Civilian 42.8%| State & Local 27.4%


Distribution: Monthly  Circulation: 10,000
GCN Mobile delivers news on integrating and leveraging mobile technology in government organizations, educational institutions, mobile security requirements, apps, telework and more. Share your expertise in the mobile technology field by sponsoring this dynamic new newsletter.

Circ: DoD 26.2%| Federal Civilian 41.8%| State & Local 32.0%


Distribution: Monthly  Circulation: 10,000 This newsletter explores the emerging technologies which help government and educational institutions deal with the real challenges of managing, storing and analyzing big data. Increase your brand visibility in this field when you sponsor this newsletter.

Circ: DoD 36.1%| Federal Civilian 42.6%| State & Local 21.3%