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The Business of Federal Technology

By providing federal technology executives with the ‘who’ and ‘what’ they need to know to effectively manage and deliver on their agency’s mission, FCW delivers access to a powerful, hard-to-reach audience that controls the $112+ Billon technology purchasing in federal government.

Editorial Mission

FCW’s editorial team crafts strategic features on business management, policy, pending legislation, technology and profiles of the power players making waves in the federal executive sector. If it’s worth knowing, it’s in FCW.
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Audience Profile

Job Functions

  • C-Level Management / Command 7.3%
  • Executive / Senior Management 27.8%
  • Executive / Senior IT Management 12.7%
  • Program Management 12.0%
  • Project Management 8.7%
  • Elected Official / Legislative Staff 1.7%
  • Procurement / Purchasing 4%
  • General Operations 14.6%
  • Other IT 9.4%
  • Other 1.8%

Branch of Government/Type of Business

  • Federal Civilian 57%
  • Federal Defense 23.1%
  • Systems Integrator 19.9%


FCW Advertising

Showcase your brand / solutions in a format relied upon by federal executives for IT purchasing.

Front Cover Tip/Content Syndication

High-impact, 2-sided cover tips deliver increase viability and response rates. Add-on whitepaper and lead generation available.

Magazine Inserts & Outserts

Distribute your collateral as an insert or outsert in FCW (print and digital), ensuring its delivery to federal IT decision makers.

Editorial Calendar on Demand

Select an editorial topic for an issue of your choice, and run a full-page ad as the backdrop to the three pages of editorial coverage.


ROS Banners

Use a run-of-site campaign to build awareness and engagement with the FCW audience.

Contextual Banners

Run an FCW.com banner campaign aligned with content on specific topics (e.g. cybersecurity, defense, mobile, big data, technology, cloud computing and federal).

Topic Takeovers

Exclusive sponsor of an FCW.com online targeted content channel containing topic-specific editorial coverage. 


Deliver your message to the FCW federal IT executive audience alongside editorial news and updates.

Native Advertising

Create a dialogue with your potential customers and feature your brand's informational content outside of your company's standard channels (company website, social media, blogs, etc.).

Editorial Slideshow Sponsorship

FCW-produced editorial slideshows highlight key topics of interest to federal IT executives.

Mobile Sponsorship

Tablet App, Mobile Edition

Reach on-the-go federal IT executives while building brand awareness.

Marketing Services

Content Marketing Toolbox

Let our Custom Editorial Team create a unique content package tailored to your organization's needs.

Executive Analysis

Executive Insights, Executive Outlook

These custom content solutions are geared toward IT decision makers who need to understand how a given technology tool or strategy could have an impact on the IT enterprise or agency operations.

Strategic Analysis

GameChanger, Technology Insights, Advanced IT Playbook, eBooks, Best Practices, Tech Tactics, Snapshot Report, Marching Orders, State of States, Field Report, Mandates

These custom content solutions provide IT decision makers and managers with insights into how to fully leverage a given technology tool or strategy.

Thought Leadership

Executive Q&A, Expert Q&A, Guest Column, Viewpoint, Power Player, Top 100, Fast 50

These custom content solutions spotlight the thought leadership of a vendor and/or a vendor's executive.


The Download, Market Insights, Strategic Research Brief

FCW Media programs developed from in-depth research on a critical topic of interest to the government IT audience.

Technology Templates

Sponsor-directed messaging presented in a content-centric, information-rich design.

Contract Guides and Exclusive Online Microsites

Print and online guides that increase task order opportunity through agency and contract alignment.

Digital Dialogue

Extend the life and reach of your webcast with a Digital Dialogue, which captures highlights of your webcast in a printed piece in FCW.

Custom e-Letter

Engage and educate 30,000 targeted FCW federal government subscribers through a direct-marketing approach.

Custom Aggregated Editorial eNewsletter

This sponsor-directed custom eNewsletter features aggregated content from all PSMG new sources and positions your brand as a thought leader in the federal IT space.

Custom InfoGraphic

Key facts, figures and information delivered in a two-page dynamic, high-impact InfoGraphic.

Custom Slideshow

Ten custom slides on a sponsor-identified topic to run on FCW.com for 60 days.

Demand Generation

Content Syndication

Post a whitepaper, video, webcast or or educational asset in the FCW.com whitepaper library for lead generation.

Sponsor Webcast

The sponsor proposes the webcast topic, prepares the content and presents in this moderated format.

Government Voice Webcast

Expert government speaker engages audience on topic of interest. Sponsor presents for 5 minutes.

Editorial Webcast

FCW's Editor-in-Chief and Custom Editorial Director offer expert insights into a key topic of interest.

Research Webcast

Findings from sponsored research conducted by PSMG are presented and followed by a sponsor prepared presentation.

Roundtable Webcast

PSMG editor leads educational session with a government speaker and the sponsor.

Federal 100 Leadership Webcast Series

Featured interviews with select Federal 100 winners outlining their project initatives, contracts and trends. Multi-sponsor recognition and alignment with speaker on strategic topics.

Innovations in Government

Quarterly 12-16 page PDF focused on a significant trend or development. Sole sponsorships available.

Sponsor Microsite

Personalized microsites on FCW.com that can host up to 15 sponsor assets for registered download.

Custom Virtual Events

FCW's content, marketing and event experts to deliver a custom virtual event tailored to your needs.


Federal 100 Awards

The Federal 100 Awards recognize government and industry leaders who have played pivotal roles in the federal government IT community. This black-tie event includes a cocktail reception, dinner, awards presentation and entertainment. The Federal 100 is an opportunity to position your company in front of leading government executives and is an ideal environment to network and build relationships with those leaders.