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Technology, Tools & Tactics for Public Sector IT

GCN delivers technology tactics for the federal and state & local public sector IT manager who wants to know how it works, what it costs, usability, vulnerabilities and ROI.

Editorial Mission

Public Sector IT managers responsible for acquiring and implementing technology within their organizations face common challenges: scalability, security, reliability and transparency. GCN provides technology assessments, recommendations and case studies to the full scope of technology decision makers in the federal and state & local markets. Editorial topics include big data, cloud, cybersecurity, data centers, mobile and emerging technology.

Audience Profile Source: *Google Analytics

Job Functions

  • Executive/Senior IT Management 24%
  • IT / Systems / Network Management 18%
  • Application Development / Programming 4%
  • Data Communications / Telecommunications 3%
  • IT Project Management 4%
  • Research and Development 5%
  • Engineering/Tech Services 6%
  • Elected Official / Legis Staff / Board /Committee / Commsn Member 8%
  • C-Level Management/Command 9%
  • Program Management 9%
  • Procurement / Purchasing 2%
  • Other IT 8%

Branch of Government/Type of Business

  • State & Local Government 48.2%
  • Federal Defense 18.7%
  • Federal Civilian 33.1%


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Featured interviews with select GCN Award winners outlining their project initiatives, contracts and trends. Multi-sponsor recognition and alignment with speaker on strategic topics.

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Government Innovation Awards

The Government Innovation Awards honor federal and state & local government teams for their extraordinary IT accomplishments and significant contributions to the performance of their agencies. These accolades recognize the best-of-breed for the top IT programs across the public sector.