Understanding how to market to a government audience


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The Public Sector IT market – worth a staggering $177 Billion – represents a critical opportunity for companies looking for revenue growth. 

This market is defined by complex dynamics created by its unique set of process standards and needs. These factors make it difficult to effectively market to targeted buyers within Public Sector IT.

What makes the Public Sector unique?

Hard-to-reach audience

This is a hard-to-reach, diverse audience of buyers.  They face restrictions which are uncommon in the enterprise or consumer world:

• Strong e-mail controls on what they can receive and in what format
• Ethics rules on how they can interact with vendors
• Mailroom processes (irradiation) that inhibit direct mail from being delivered effectively
• High-employee turnover with every administration change

Understanding the nuance of each of these restrictions is required by marketers to effectively engage in marketing programs for the Public Sector.  Partnering with an experienced and knowledgeable media company is the first step to success.

Collaborative Buying Process

The buying process for Public Sector IT professionals is distinct and follows a definitive pattern:

• Highly collaborative buying process
• High-level of transparency (since tax-payers money is being used to fund projects)
• Involves multiple decision-makers across function and department
• Year-round effort – not dedicated to one particular quarter

Reaching the entire spectrum of decision-makers involved in the buying process is critical when engaging with this market.

Unique Challenges

There are factors that Public Sector IT professionals have to consider which would rarely impact IT professionals in other fields – for example:

• Unique scalability
• High-levels of transparency
• Critical security
• Extreme reliability

Marketers wishing to reach the Public Sector must be sure that their products or services address these unique technology challenges.

Next Steps

The 1105 Government Information Group offers a complete set of brands covering Federal Civilian, DoD, State & Local and Education IT segments.  We offer subject matter expertise, audience and engagement expertise and turnkey marketing services for companies looking to take advantage of public sector IT revenue opportunities.