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Editorial Calendar

Updated December 2016
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Bonus Distribution at FETC & TCEA 

2nd Annual IT Salary & Job Satisfaction Survey Dec. 15th  Dec. 19th Jan 20th
What’s Hot, What’s Not for 2017
Blended Learning: What Does It Look Like When It’s Done Effectively?
STEM Focus: Coding Comes of Age
Distribution at COSN
The Latest in 3D Printing & Maker Spaces Feb. 8th Feb. 10th March 8th
Broadband: How Fast Is Fast Enough for Education?
WiFi: How Wearables and the Internet of Everything will Impact Networks
Do Virtual Charter Schools Measure Up?


Bonus Distribution at InfoComm

Classroom AV: The Latest Technologies for Engaging Students in Learning March 10th March 14th April 6th
Immersive Education: Augmented and Virtual Reality Come of Age
Outdoor AV: Digital Signage & Interactive Kiosks


Bonus Distribution at ISTE 

Gaming to Learn May 18th May 22nd June 15th
Open Educational Resources
(OER): 3 Use Cases
Promoting STEM Through Robotics
Accessibility: Ensuring Your Technology Doesn’t Leave Students Behind
Aug./Sept. 2nd Annual Teaching with Technology Survey July 14th July 18th August 10th
Classroom Design: Best Practices
Roundtable: The Changing Role of the K-12 CTO


3rd Annual Readers’ Choice Awards Oct. 3rd Oct. 5th Oct. 30th
Home Connectivity and the Homework Gap
The Latest Developments in 1-to-1 Computing & BYOD